feet in sand on beach

I’m not sure what is tougher: getting a 4.0 or making it through this winter?

Hello, everyone! My name is Elizabeth and I am the new student photographer at Penn College. These winter blues have me missing that salty air, crystal clear water and warm breeze. I have to admit, I am a summer girl. I thought the best way to introduce myself would be through some of my favorite photos from traveling the past few years.

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100 Ways to Photograph the Campus

metal 100s-7

I’ve been making a lot of noise during one of my latest photo assignments. The clanging sound emanates from the sack of metal 100s I’ve been lugging around. Penn College welding students created the Centennial symbols in commemoration of our institution’s 100th anniversary. My task is to place the steel statuettes strategically in and around campus buildings and photograph them. The idea is to use the work of current students to capture the essence of a 100-year-old campus that, in many ways, is also new.

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Helicopters, Sun and Sand

Change in scenery

The 2014 Heli-Expo was more than 100 days away when four classmates and I bought plane tickets and made plans to travel to California. The expo seemed like nothing more than a nice idea at the time, but as the spring semester began, we all started to realize we would be off to spend a week in lovely Anaheim.

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Welcome from Chris

Chris Goodwin

Growing up, I was never one to idolize the computer. Sure I loved Freddi the Fish as much as the next kid, but I wasn’t ever the kind of child you’d imagine spending his life in front of a computer. Read more…

As Winter Cools Down, Events Heat Up

Dancers enjoy the Wildcat Rave

After braving the Polar Vortex, inches of snowfall and freezing temperatures, it’s nice to have somewhere to go to warm up. Read more…

I’m Calling ‘Omaha’ on the Snow

That's one big snowball

Peyton Manning is famous. Sure, he’s an MVP-caliber pro football quarterback, and that has brought him some notoriety. But what he’s really best known for is his tendency to yell out “Omaha” at the slightest provocation. Read more…

It’s ‘Still’ Interesting

Shot through a glass donor wall, mystery and geometry are added to the scene.

My recent photographic adventures have taken me away from the action-packed world of sports to the less-than-action-packed world of stills. Read more…

Abstract Objects Around Campus

Mirrored Sculpture

Hidden throughout Penn College’s main campus are unusual places or objects. Some are right in front of your eyes, others are tucked into corners waiting to be discovered. Read more…

Welcome From Craig

1Soccer player Christopher Brennan

What’s old is new again.

I’ve had that thought many times in my nearly two years on campus. I am, after all, a quintessentially nontraditional student. (That’s another way of saying I’m “old.”) Read more…

Home Away From Home

Fireworks during Welcome Weekend

It’s that time of the year again. Books and tools are flying off the shelves of The College Store, returning students have flocked back to Penn College, and parents dropped off their children for the start of campus life. College is finally back in full swing. Read more…